Stinger Ultem by Caliber Modz




This revolutionary mechanical mod design is based on the lower number possible of conductive components.
This means basically the lowest voltage drop possible in a mech mod.

You have no PIN, THREADS, JOINTS and whatsoever. The power flows direct from the battery to the inner brass sleeve and from this one to the atomizer.

No more arching on batteries since this one is always in contact with the atomizer.

Super simple Locking system: just turn the button counter clock wise and it wont fire anymore untill you unlock it by turning in the opposite direction.

Ultem sleeve does not allow heat to pass trough, very tough and resistant to scratches and all day use.

Available in 18650 or 21700-20700 version

Available in simple ultem sleeve or 1 of 1 handmade painted ultem sleeve.

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